The “29/13 Challenge”

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  • Friday | September 30, 2016

Take the “29/13 Challenge!”

* What is the “29/13 Challenge?  Based on Jeremiah 29:13, the “29/13 Challenge” is all about slowing down and making sacred space – for 13 minutes a day, for 29 days, of uninterrupted time with God.  Beginning September 1, you will be invited to create a daily place of solitude and quiet, turn off your phone and put aside all other distractions. For 13 minutes a day!

* What will I do during the 13 minutes?  The “Challenge” is not to “do” stuff, but to focus your attention on God. Seek to interact with the living Christ, knowing that Christ desires to simply spend time with you. Speak your heart’s desires to God, but don’t fill the time with lots of words. Take time for quiet reflection and listening for the “still small voice” of God speaking to you. 

* Can I just read my Bible for 13 minutes a day?  Reading your Bible is awesome! Your “29/13 Challenge” can include Bible reading, but not only reading. Reading engages your brain and thinking, but the “Challenge” here is to engage God with your spirit, soul and heart! You might read a Psalm, a Proverb or a few verses and meditate on them during the 13 minutes. But be sure to include both talking and listening to God.

* Resources available to you

1 – A calendar of daily Scriptures for reflection will be provided

2 – A common prayer to use:  

“So here I am God. Thirteen minutes for You and me. Everyone and everything else is shut out. How’s our relationship going? Holy Spirit, please guide this conversation. What do You want to say to me today? Help me to express the things on my mind. Turn Your spotlight on so that I can see and understand what’s going on in my heart. Teach me to know Your voice. It is a privilege to be in Your presence.”

3 – Encouragement from a friend or friends who partner with you

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.“

                                       – Jeremiah 29:13

Click here for  your “29/13 Challenge” Participant’s Guide.