“Coming Back” Update from Pastor Tim

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  • Sunday | June 28, 2020



I really look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday. As we come back together to meet in the sanctuary, we are not in the same environment we were in when we left. I’ve posted a video that helps explain some of the dynamics and spiritual thoughts of how we’re coming back together. It’s a little longer than the videos I usually publish, so I hope it’s helpful:




At the same time we come back together, we’re going to continue offering online worship for those who feel the need to continue staying home for the time being. We will be broadcasting live from the sanctuary so the look and the web mechanisms will work a little differently, but the result is generally the same. Our live stream will have a new link. The link is available on the church website, at www.cmfmilton.org,  or the direct link is:




It is because of your faithfulness, patience, and a lot of hard work on the part of many leaders that we are able to do these things and do them well. Our congregation is to be congratulated for working together even as we’ve been apart.




Tim Darling

Pastor, Community Mennonite Fellowship