Following are some updates about our COVID-19 response.


We are happy to say we are now able to meet in person for Sunday morning worship services. If you are unable to attend in person, you will find our live-streamed services online at:

Past sermons and other videos can be found at:

We hope you will join us in person or online. Either way, we hope you will communicate with us that you are worshiping with us at Community Mennonite Fellowship.


Dear CMF Family,

What 3-5 words might define how you are perceiving daily life right now? Here are a few from the staff:
• Faith like a Child
• Living in the Moment
• Looking for good each day
• Fertilize and Harvest
• Yielding (ok, that’s only 1 word, but it’s a good & thought provoking one)

Sure, on any given day our mood and the words we’d pick might change. The catalyst may even be something outside our control, like the weather. Cloudy, cold, and dreary tends to feed negativity. Sunshine, Ahhh! Now that can be a definite mood lifter! How about you? As we reflect on Pastor Tim’s message last week from Psalm 67, let us turn our earthbound thoughts to a bigger picture. And as we do, may our prayers reflect our desire to see God glorified over all the earth.

Some sunshine in our very near future– (how can you fertilize and harvest God’s goodness?)

• TODAY, Thursday, May 7 is the National Day of Prayer. Please join CMF elders for a National Day of Prayer Meeting via conference call tonight, at 7:00 PM: 712-775-7300, Access Code: 147188#.

• Join together this evening at 6:30 for a Prayer Service on Facebook Live. Pastor Bill McNeal and Linda Meckley (Milton Ministerium members) will present the service with Kingdom Kidz as background. Join us in a time a prayer for our nation. May God be glorified! May we all have Faith like a Child.

• And here’s a hint to moms: there is something very special in this week’s online worship just for you. You’ll need to tune in to enjoy this special treat. Worship Online Sunday morning will continue until we can again meet in person. What a joy to sing praises to our Lord together. Say your virtual “good morning” by typing in the Chat Box. Or shoot us an email later that you were “at” church! What a continued blessing our worship service has been – sunshine for our spiritual hearts.

• CMF Youth and Children have been busy busy! Videos, Zooms, technology abounds! And so do lots of smiles, prayer requests, and real connections. We are all learning how to truly live in the moment.
Coming Up! Lets also look forward to our Youth leading us in worship on Sunday, May 24.
God bless Jim Hostetter and Amy Goodwin, as they find creative ways to connect to our youth and children.
Jim is working on a special Senior Recognition, sure to be awesome!
Looking for more good in your day? Here’s a link to Miss Amy’s latest Youtube video with her kiddos:

• At CMF, we know that Small Groups foster spiritual health and well-being while creating an environment for spiritual growth. Let’s be in prayer about how our Church Family may begin to multiply our small groups as a way of gathering together within the present limit of 25 folks. Is God prompting you to start a Small Group? Is your spirit yielding to this new idea? If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact Jane Wirt, at [email protected]

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us and give us peace.

With Radiant Joy,
Your CMF Staff,
Pastor Tim, Jim, Amy, Tammy & Jane


“HOW ARE YOU DOING?” How many times have we asked others this question in past weeks? Does it carry different weight now? Does the simple question receive a deeper answer these days? As a staff, we’ve made many life affirming observations over the past week: folks are checking on one another, caring for one another, and extending the love of Christ. Seems we are finding our way in this new normal. The dust has settled a bit. And what matters remains: social distancing is hard because we are made for relationship. As we continue to do our best to be wise about our contacts and interactions, holding our schedules “loosely,” we can be certain the God we serve is in it all.

“How was church last Sunday?” Now that requires a different answer because it was so unusual to be sitting in our living room/kitchen/bedroom in our pajamas/eating breakfast/not even out of bed yet. What a different way to “do church!” One thing remains: we were able to worship and praise God in unity, as a community in Christ. As we continue on, let’s continue to think outside the box –

Church will be on-line again this Sunday, March 29. Last week went very well – we estimate that nearly 200 folks tuned in! As a church, we are becoming aware of our ability to reach even more people with our on-line service. God is limitless! Pastor Tim will bring his message (vest-less again, sorry). And our amazing Worship Team has been working to bring spirit-led praise and worship, while our valuable technically-gifted folks have been working hard to bring the best in technical quality to us all. We’re all in this together, though apart, connected by the same spirit. Link to Sunday service:

Prayer remains essential. Have you noticed that in the midst of difficult circumstances, hearts are softening and more people are searching for truth and hope? Last week, we encouraged you to “engage” as you become aware of needs around you. Look for those hardened hearts that are open to hearing God’s truth and the hope we have in Him. And when someone shares a prayer request, be bold and pray right there, on the spot, whether it’s on the phone, in a text, or in person. Let the spirit of Love and Power move through you.

Pastoral Caring is our priority. If you have a need – Spiritual, emotional or physical, please contact the CMF office during regular hours 8:30 AM-3:00 PM. Maybe you would just like a talk with someone. We are here for you! For urgent needs outside of regular CMF office hours, please contact our Pastoral Care Ministry leaders: Lois Miller at 570.713.7181 or Naomi Wetzel at 570.490.9255. Additional resources have been made available. We are here to share in one another’s burdens.

Youth Ministry has gone wild! There truly is no limit to God’s creativity. Leaders and youth are staying connected with on-line digital content. Small teams are meeting to create new content daily.

Children’s Ministry is continuing to seek ways to engage children, both on-line and by more traditional methods – like snail-mail packets.

Self-care is important. The media is telling us all to use this time to connect with family and friends and to get outside for fresh air and exercise. We affirm these practical ways to care for yourself and others. Whether in good times or bad, we all know that caring for our spiritual lives is critical to our well-being:

Extra time for Bible Study and Prayer?! God’s Word is alive and active.

RIGHT NOW MEDIA is available. This on-line resource is yours at no cost. Call the office if you don’t already have access.

Our church library is full of good reads! We welcome you to stop by during office hours to check out our CMF library.

Let us continue to reach, grow, and stay connected. To Him be all the Glory!

All In this together,
Your CMF Staff,
Pastor Tim, Jim, Amy, Tammy & Jane


Dear CMF Family,

We are finding ourselves in unchartered territory, unsure of what is coming. Thank God that he is bigger than all of this and none of today’s circumstances are a surprise to Him! We will together navigate through the uncertainties, trusting God to see us through.

So, what does “doing Church” look like for now? In order to abide by the new constraints before us, CMF’s doors will be closed the next 2 Sundays (March 22 and March 29). Then, on April 5, we will come together for an “open air” service outdoors, under a tent, to celebrate Palm Sunday together.

As a staff, we’ve discussed the mandated “social distancing” encouraged by the media. We talked about how we as a church can respond, with phrases like “Spiritual Devotion in the midst of Social Distancing” or “Drawing Near to God at a time of Social Uncertainty” or “Social Distancing creates opportunity for Spiritual Reconnecting.” You get the idea. Community. Spirituality. Nearness. Connectivity. Fellowship. It is CMF at its core.

Let’s address the question, “What does ‘Community’ look like now that we can’t gather for worship together on Sunday morning? How can we fill that void?” Let’s think outside the (ever decreasing) box—

We will be “Doing Church” on-line this Sunday, March 22. More about that will follow. Pastor Tim and the Worship Ministry Team are working hard to make this happen! Tune in! We have a “vision” of folks gathering together in homes to watch the Sunday service on-line in the living room. (Of course 10 folks or fewer). We can still worship together and receive Pastor Tim’s message while caring for one another, just in a smaller group setting. See the links below to the on-line service and to on-line giving. If giving on-line is not an option, you can mail your offering to 2985 Broadway Rd, Milton, 17847 or stop by to drop it off. Our office is open M-F, 8:30-3:00.

To attend on-line church this Sunday:

The Church Website: look here for updates on our ministries and developments:

Online Giving: Please be aware that expenses will continue while attendance may be down:

Community Mennonite Fellowship Facebook: Connect with your friends here:

Small Groups are encouraged to continue to meet, while respecting personal choices and meeting in groups of 10 or less, as currently set by state of PA.

CMF’s Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry are alive and well! Our Youth will continue to connect in more creative ways and the Children can look forward to fun activities coming their way in the mail, for starters.

Engage as you become aware of the needs around you. Pray intently, specifically, continuously. Share the need with the church office. Or notify Pastoral Care if you become aware of a hardship. The church has resources available to help with unmet financial needs. And when God brings someone to mind, give them a call, shoot a text, or send a card via snail mail! How very timely to have access to a brand-new updated CMF Directory (PDF copy attached)! Here is where we can nurture one another, lifting each other up.

Feed yourself, feed others. If you haven’t already, check out Rightnow Media. CMF subscribes to this on-line resource that literally has videos for everyone in your family on almost any topic. If not already subscribed, we invite you to go to the attached link for free access:

Look at this as an opportunity to serve in a different way. Yes, a lot of our “events” have been postponed, but there are ways to continue our outreach as The Church. We will be posting more on CMF’s Website. For instance, the Baby Bottle Drive fundraiser for Expectations Women’s Center is going on through the end of April. Stop by the office to pick up a “baby bottle” and once filled with coins and bills, simply return.

By being intentional, we can be assured that God will honor our efforts, see our hearts and grow our faith. Let us not give up trying, so people seeking people find Jesus.

Be Blessed!

Your CMF Staff,

Pastor Tim, Jim, Amy, Tammy & Jane


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March 19 Update from Pastor Tim