Who do we think we are? 

The people who call themselves Community Mennonite Fellowship come from a variety of geographies, experiences and spiritual streams. Most of us were not raised in the Mennonite faith but were drawn to both the depths and simplicities of the Mennonite faith. More than one of has said, at some point, “Me, a Mennonite? No way!” Never say never! Quite simply, we place the highest priority on following Jesus in everyday life. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) is not just a slogan for us, we think it’s the most rewarding pathway to spiritual life.

Why do people hang around CMF?

Many things draw people to CMF – the desire for new friendships, our small groups, an exceptional children’s ministry, friendships, great worship, opportunities to serve locally and globally, youth groups and, of course, more friendships. “Community” is not just our name, it’s our passion. And friendship is how community gets expressed at CMF. If you’re just looking for religious space where you can put in your time and remain anonymous, you probably don’t fit at CMF – you’ll be miserable, believe us! People here want to know your name, and they ask you. They invite you to join their small groups. And they want you to experience what it means to serve Jesus by caring first about others and serving their needs above your own.

What’s our mission?

“Becoming faithful followers of Jesus Christ” is a one-liner declaration of our mission. Individually, and as a church, we use this simple mission statement like a mirror. When we want to know how we’re doing, we look at Jesus. We believe that as we follow Jesus faithfully, we will focus on doing a few important things well, like:

  • Become worshippers
  • Become spiritual family
  • Become students of Jesus
  • Become servants to people
  • Become sharers of our faith

Milton” is more than our address – it’s our calling!

When we think about the vision that compels us, our eyes and hearts turn to the Milton area. We believe that God wants CMF to be directly involved in the spiritual transformation of the greater Milton area. Collectively and intentionally, we make a commitment to focus our energy and resources toward the Milton community. We want to give ourselves to making Milton a better, safer, loving and accepting community. We encourage each other to get involved in Milton area community initiatives and organizations. To reach across racial and cultural barriers. To take Jesus into streets and neighborhoods – where we come face to face with real people who become our friends. We are ultimately committed to blessing and serving the greater Milton area.

Are you ready to explore CMF?

We like to use the term “kicking the tires” to describe the process of getting to know what a church community is all about. If you have been burned by religious people in the past, kick our tires. If you’re skeptical about God and religion, kick our tires. And if you are hungry for meaningful relationships, where Jesus is at the center and people care for each other, then kick our tires. You get the point! CMF doesn’t try to be everything to everybody – we would die just trying! We want to be really good at what we think God wants us to be – a caring community of people who are obsessed with extending Christian community everywhere we go, particularly to the greater Milton area.

Who are the Mennonites?

Explore our history, our beliefs and our vision.