JoAnne grew up in the Lehigh Valley area and developed a love of music early in life, learning to play guitar in 8th grade. Along with a love of music, she was very involved in athletics, and went on to earn a BS in High School Physical Education. While in college, JoAnne became a Christ follower. After entering the teaching profession, she moved into youth ministry, and then became intensely involved in mission and outreach ministries. She served in Costa Rica with short term mission teams as well as church planting and worship throughout the country. Since returning to the States, JoAnne has been involved in various ministries.

The ‘love’ of JoAnne’s life is to spend time in worship; play or listen to music; to be outdoors in God’s beautiful creation on a trail or a bike or in a kayak; to enjoy a cup of Costa Rican coffee or a Latin American meal together with friends…and to find ways to share the amazing love and grace of Jesus with everyone around her!